Branded Real Estate Forum | Long Island City

November 21st
New York City

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Owners, Operators, Managers, Developers, Investors, Tech

BRE is an all-day intensive strategy and innovation event focused entirely on branded accommodations in urban real estate: Short-term rentals, co-living, co-working, traditional hospitality, and branded residences. We are excited to bring together top operators and experts to align on market landscape, dynamics, best practices, and future investment outcomes in this exciting space.


Sessions will address: Professionalizing and integrating short-term rentals into ground-up and existing developments, community building and management, optimizing mixed-use & multi-family through branded partnerships, venture capital in hospitality, recession proofing investments, leveraging tech and third-party services to bring hospitality elements into residential living, digital marketing and distribution trends, and more.


The program examines the future of hospitality and real estate through the lens of brand and tenant-guest experience.

The Venue

Long Island City is now one of NYC’s most promising markets. The neighborhood is undergoing a residential and commercial boom (post Amazon), offering perfect context to converge on emerging trends that will shape property investment outcomes citywide and globally. BRE will be held in a unique warehouse venue bringing unique experiential elements and white space for free thinking and optimal networking. Approximate travel time via subway or ride share from Manhattan: 20-25 minutes.


BRE is powered by Luft. A next-generation research advisory firm supporting travel, lifestyle, and hospitality brands. We help clients navigate change, by delivering bold perspective, actionable insights, and data on market and industry trends.